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Slumbrew Trekker Tippel



Pours a clear golden amber. Smells very sweet, intensely of cloves, with the spiciness you would expect a bit more out of a belgian white. Not quite what I would be expecting out of a trippel. There is an odd hint of banana in the smell as well. The taste is much better than you would expect out of the smell.

Impression: The initial taste of this beer starts out a bit like banana, and a bit strange. It is not the best first taste in the world. Luckily the taste rounds out a pretty quickly. Where the smell is a bit too strong of clove, it is not as harsh in the taste. It is a very nice yeast-y flavor that you would expect out of an unfiltered beer. That gives way to a nice slightly sweet slightly bitter stickiness. It is not the unpleasant stickiness that you get from some beers. This lingers just long enough.

This would be a very easy beer to dislike if you gave it a smell, gave it one sip, and gave up. As long as you keep giving it a chance it works pretty well. The amazing thing is how smooth this is for a 9.5%. You really do not realize that it is that potent when you are drinking it. It is very light while still having pretty good flavor. The biggest problem you would have with this is that it will not pair up with the same foods that a trippel traditionally does. It is not the best belgian style I have had, but it does the job well in a surprisingly well.

Grade: B+


Cambridge Brewing Company Tripel Threat



Pours golden, a little bit cloudy as you would expect in a Belgian style tripel. Smells a bit sweet, a decent amount of fruitiness, and almost that hint of bubblegum that you can pick up in certain Belgian styles. Tastes a bit sweet, with the Belgian yeast showing through right from the get go. Fades to a bit of fruit but ends with just a bit of alcohol taste of the back-end.

Impression: The CBC Tripel Threat would make a great intro beer for people trying to get into Belgians. It gets all of the basic tastes right. Unfortunately the beer just comes out a bit on the weak end. While every flavor is right there is just something missing. A true tripel should be just a little bit more across the board. If the flavors were a bit stronger, it would do a great job of covering up the little bit of alcohol taste at the end. I really don’t dislike this beer. I think it is a great beer if you are trying to introduce someone to Belgian styles, just don’t count on it to blow away someone who drinks real Belgians. Either way though, this beer is worth a try.

Grade: B