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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace



Pours a slightly hazy golden-yellow. Very light white head. Smells very floral, a very faint malt and pretty refreshing. It smells very spring-like. The taste is very light and as refreshing as the smell. There is a nice kick of lemon, and some bite that tastes of pepper. There is a good strong taste of the yeast. Finishes very clean, and crisp.

Impression: This is a great light easy drinking beer. It is very complex while not overpowering the taste buds. There is just enough hops to keep it from being another light and airy saison that doesn’t have much flavor. Make sure to let it warm up a bit farther that you think it needs. It may not be the ice-cold refreshment that you are hoping for but it will let the aroma come through a lot better and give you a much better tasting beer. As it warms up you can taste the floral flavors before the beer even hits your tongue. It takes a beer that is just light and refreshing and lets you really enjoy the flavors that are present.

It benefits a lot from being bottle fermented, you get a very nice little bite from the yeast still in the bottle. The most important thing while drinking this is to make sure you get the yeast from the bottom of the bottle. Pour it out into each glass, then swirl and make sure each glass gets that left over yeast. Overall this is a great drinking beer, one of the best I have had from Brooklyn. It could use just a bit more hops or a bit more spice, something to kick it up into the great range, as is, it is very good.

Grade: A-