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Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar



Pours a very nice brown, little bit of amber coming through as well. Very malty, a great combo of toasted malt and hazelnut, but not too heavy or overwhelming. Taste is amazingly smooth, starting with that toasted malt you would expect out of a good brown ale, and fading into hazelnut on the back-end.

Impression: I had no intention of writing a review on this beer. It looked delicious and I did not feel like writing. That changed when I finally tried it. The Rogue Hazelnut Brown is that good of a beer. It is good enough to make you want to write about it even when you have zero motivation to do so otherwise. The taste is very well balanced. One of my concerns before I tried this one was that they would have gone overboard with the hazelnut. Overly flavored beers are one of the biggest wastes there is in my mind. This walks the delicate balance of being flavored, but keeping it a bit subtle. It would be almost impossible to miss the hazelnut flavor on the back-end, but because there is such good flavor up front it balances up. There is a hit of fruitiness up front, along the lines of a date or a prune.  It keeps it from being a sludge like brown like some weaker ones can become.

This makes a great late night beer, when you are just sitting around relaxing. It would go VERY well with a good dessert of just about anything. Overall this is easily one of the best views I have reviewed for this site. It is not exactly a cheap beer, but it can hold its own with just about anything I have tried.

Grade: A