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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Heady Topper


From the can!


Heady Topper is one of those white whale beers. Almost impossible to get, especially if you can’t make it up to the cannery in Vermont. Special thanks to Gregg for picking up some up in Vermont.

Known as one of the best beers in the country, The Alchemist keeps it their way with a tall boy can with “DRINK FROM THE CAN!” wrapping the rim. Not long after you crack the can you start to get an amazing smell, incredibly hoppy, almost bordering on grapefruit. 

The first taste coats your mouth with intense hops, but then fades nicely. What puts this beer head and shoulders ahead most other beers is what happens next. The hops fade nicely with very little residual bitterness. It leaves the nice hop flavor with just enough malt to balance it out, while leaving it very refreshing tasting. Hands down one of the most drinkable 8% beers you can find. 

Heady Topper has a truly amazing characteristic, every time you take a sip, it is like the first time you tried it. When I drink it, it always goes one sip, coat the mouth, wait, take another. Each time it is an explosion of nice fresh hops. This is one of the hardest beers I have had to write a beer about, because it does not compare to almost any beer out there. It stands atop my personal podium with only Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double Sunshine. Truly great beer coming off of the Vermont Ale Trail. 

If you are ever in Vermont, find this beer. If you have friends who have the means of getting this beer, find a way to try some. Short of both of those, rumor has it Boston restaurant Eastern Standard sends someone up to VT on a regular basis to keep it in stock, though the price tag is said to be around $10. 

Grade: A+