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Southern Tier Hop Sun Summer Wheat Beer



Pours a pure gold, clear. Nose is pretty relaxed, nice and hoppy but still pretty light, the hops come through with a solid note of citrus. The first taste is surprisingly light after smelling the hops. The hops follow-up nicely on the end, but it avoids being sticky like some hoppy beers.

Impression: This is nearly a perfect summer beer. Summer tends to be my least favorite season for beers, often they forgo flavor to keep a beer light. Southern Tier does a great job of making sure that did not happen in Hop Sun. It is a great beer to leave in a cooler during a barbecue because it will hold up to the heat. It will not leave you feeling too hot and weighed down. The bitterness from the hops lingers for just long enough, without sticking around to make you feel too dehydrated.

There is a nice lemon zest type flavor right at the peak of this beer. It flows down from there into the slightly bitter aftertaste. One thing I would like to see from this beer is slightly more carbonation. Fizzy yellow beer is no good, but a bit more carbonation can be great for a light summer beer sometimes. A bit more carbonation would also help the smell come across a bit more and lighten up the flavor.

Overall I first tried this beer while I was grilling, not planning on reviewing it, but after trying it, it actually sent me back to the store to get a full 6-pack.

Grade: A


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Life is too short to drink crappy beer, plain and simple. This is my first foray into beer reviewing, so bear with me. What I can promise is my honest opinion of the beers I drink, hopefully they will be helpful.

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